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Youth Diversion and Development

The Youth Diversion and Development Division provides services and supervision to justice-involved youth in the community rather than placement outside of the home. Field supervision and rehabilitative services for youth and their families are provided by eight Field Services units located throughout Harris County. In addition, there are numerous satellite offices utilized to provide more convenient locations for families.

Services for Adjudicated Youth



reVision – Houston Mentoring

The reVision Mentoring Program connects youth paired with mentors to positive peers and constructive activities. reVision also offers life skills programs, academic assistance, and career planning to include possible job placement.



Council on Alcohol and Drugs – Houston

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors from the Council on Alcohol and Drugs – Houston, screen all young people entering Field Services supervision from Court to identify, educate and intervene with those who have substance abuse problems.


My Brothers Keeper (MBK)

Redirect is MBKs Diversion Program providing high-risk young people with close supervision and rehabilitation. Together with many local partners, Redirect utilizes evidence-based practices and community resources to redirect young people from the criminal justice system and direct them towards college and career development.



Disability Rights Texas

Provides tiered legal and educational advocacy services including legal advocacy training, educational advocacy training, post-residential transition services, and other supportive services to families utilizing a self-advocacy approach.



Therapeutic Counseling

Professional, licensed therapists provide counseling to youth and their families at the CUPS offices and in the home. Services are provided in both English and Spanish.

The Harris Center for Mental Health & IDD

The Harris Center works with HCJPD to provide mental health services for young people and their families. Services include psychiatric evaluation and treatment, skills training, psychotherapy, intensive case management, and resource referral/linkage.

Drug & Alchohol Use / Abuse Counseling

Through a partnership with The Turning Point, Inc., licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors are available at various CUPS offices. Probationers receive intensive outpatient therapy including individual, family, and group sessions.


Youth Empowerment Services & Supervision (YESS)

The Youth Empowerment Services and Supervision Program works with juveniles placed on probation for known gang-related behavior or involvement. Juvenile Probation Officers administer gang assessments to determine the specific needs of the young person and work collaboratively with the Mayor's Anti-Gang Office.

Renew Inspire Support Empower (RISE)

The RISE Program is a county-wide community probation program for TJJD eligible young people who are assessed as high-risk. It is designed as an alternative to TJJD commitment or placement in a private, residential, or HCJPD post adjudicated facility.

This program provides intensive services and intensive supervision, utilizing effective treatment models and rehabilitative services to reduce dynamic criminogenic need factors while identifying and strengthening protective factors.

Therapeutic Connections Unit (TCU)

The Therapeutic Connections Unit offers specialized supervision and intense case management services through the provision of a collaborative model to young people with significant mental health impairments, intellectual developmental disabilities, (IDD) and sex offenders.

The primary goal of the TCU is rehabilitation and prevention of further penetration in the juvenile justice system.



Harris County Advocate Program (H-CAP)

H-CAP serves adjudicated youth whose behavior and social circumstances put them at risk of placement in residential treatment facilities. H-CAP offers a wide range of individualized, non-traditional, wrap-around, and advocacy services for the young person and their family.



Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy integrating meaningful service with academic study and reflective practice to enrich learning, build civic engagement, and strengthen communities. Service Learning builds strong character in young people as they learn about the role they play in their community and encourages lifelong civic participation.


Presenting Opportunities While Embracing Resiliency + Ongoing Needs (POWER+ON)

The Power+On Program is offered to all our young people in the community. The program offers psycho-educational and skill-building workshops, learning and increasing skills such as emotional intelligence, boundary, and goal setting, self-awareness, and individual and family commitment. Including individual and group mentoring.


National Association for Shoplifting Prevention

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention provides a unique program for juveniles who have been involved in shoplifting. The program is designed to help change thinking, feelings, and attitudes towards shoplifting while developing pro-social law-abiding behavior.


Specialized Supervision Youth

Diversion Services



FIRST Program

The Family Intervention and Restorative Services of Texas (FIRST) program is designed to divert young people who are referred for domestic violence/assault against the family from further involvement in the Juvenile Justice System. 

The families are provided crisis intervention, therapeutic services, and intensive case management through The Harris Center. Program duration is up to six months.


Fifth Ward Diversion Program

The Fifth Ward Diversion Program offers youth attending certain 5th Ward schools with eligible offenses an informal alternative to formal court proceedings. 

The Center for Urban Transformation (CUT) utilizes a restorative justice approach, providing holistic services which include; case management, community service, mentorship, educational advocacy, and service referrals.

Program duration is six months; however, the youth/family can choose to participate with CUT until services are no longer deemed necessary.



Marijuana Diversion Program

The Marijuana Diversion Program is designed to provide Drug Education to those referred for Possession of Marijuana. Upon completion of a Drug Education Course offered by The Council on Recovery, a request is made for all records to be destroyed.



Diversion 180 Program

Diversion 180 is a pre-petitioned program designed to divert youth from the Juvenile Justice System while still providing needed services and supervision. Upon successful completion of the program, the case is closed. Program duration is 3-6 months.


Deferred Adjudication

The courts offer Deferred Adjudication to youth who are generally low-level offenders. This program guides the youth through up to six months of supervision and services. Upon successful completion of the Deferred Adjudication contract, the case is non-suited.


Youth Service Center

The Youth Service Center serves as a 24-hour intake center for youth ages 10 to 17 who are referred for status offenses such as runaway, truancy, curfew violations, or Class C Misdemeanors, and those who are in need of crisis intervention. 

Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD), Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, (HCPS) and The Harris Center (THC) are partners in the TRIAD Prevention Program. 

Services include program referrals, follow-up, and emergency shelter.


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