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Diversion and Intervention Division

The Diversion and Intervention Division primary goal is to divert youth from further involvement in the Juvenile Justice System by providing informal alternatives to formal court proceedings.



Diversion 180 is a pre-petitioned program designed to divert youth from the Juvenile Justice System while still providing needed services and supervision. Upon successful completion of the program the case is closed.  Program duration is 3-6 months.



The Family Intervention and Restorative Services of Texas (FIRST) program is designed to divert youth that are referred for domestic violence/assault against the family, from further involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.  The families are provided crisis intervention, therapeutic services and intensive case management through The Harris Center. Program duration is up to six months. 



The Marijuana Diversion Program is designed to provide Drug Education to those referred for Possession of Marijuana. Upon completion of a Drug Education Course offered by The Council on Recovery a request is made for all records to be destroyed.


The Fifth Ward Diversion Program offers youth attending certain 5th Ward schools with eligible offenses, an informal alternative to formal court proceedings. The Center for Urban Transformation (CUT) utilizes a restorative justice approach, providing holistic services which includes; case management, community service, mentorship, educational advocacy, and service referrals.  Program duration is six months, however the youth/family can choose to participate with CUT until services are no longer deemed necessary.


The courts offer Deferred Adjudication to youth who are generally low level offenders. This program guides the youth through up to six months of supervision and services. Upon successful completion of the Deferred Adjudication contract, the case will be non-suited.


The Youth Service Center serves as a 24-hour intake center for youth ages 10 to 17, who are referred for status offenses such as runaway, truancy and curfew violations, or Class C Misdemeanors, and those who are in need of crisis intervention. The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD), Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults (HCPS) and The Harris Center (THC) are partners in the TRIAD Prevention Program. Services include program referrals, follow up and emergency shelter.


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