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Intake Court Services Division

The Intake Court Services Division is the initial point of contact for youth and families who become involved with the HCJPD. A wide array of family-oriented, early intervention and prevention services are provided to youth. The division is also responsible for preparing a comprehensive youth court report in order to assist the juvenile judge in determining a suitable case disposition.



Intake Screening

Intake Screening is open 24 hours and screens calls from law enforcement agencies regarding young people between the ages of 10 to 17 who have committed misdemeanor B or above law violations. At the Intake level, young people may be considered for diversion programs, released to a parent or guardian, or may be detained for a Detention Hearing.



Pre-Adjudication Team (PAT)

The Pre-Adjudication Team is an alternative to detention, which provides an intensive level of supervision that allows higher-risk youth offenders to reside at home while pending a district court appearance.



Court Services

Court Services JPOs are responsible for preparing a comprehensive profile of a young person for the Judge, district attorney, defense attorney, and other court staff, for the young persons' appearance before one of the three Harris County Juvenile District Courts (313th, 314th, and 315th). 

The information provided assists the courts in determining a suitable disposition or further action needed on the case.



Detention Assessment Unit

The Detention Assessment Unit assesses young people placed in HCJPD custody to determine the best placement or program alternatives to meet their rehabilitative needs. The unit provides comprehensive assessments, which consist of mental health, educational, and substance abuse evaluations. 

These assessments help identify the young persons' rehabilitative needs so they receive the most appropriate placement and services to increase their chances of success.



Private Placement Supervision

The purpose of Private Placement Supervision is to provide young people placed in HCJPD custody with the resources to address their behavioral and mental health needs. 

The placement unit maintains contracts with in-state and out-of-state licensed residential facilities. Specially trained juvenile probation officers monitor the progress of the young person while they are in the residential treatment facility. 

Once the young person returns home they are supervised in the community by the same probation officer which ensures continuity of services. The family is connected to community resources to assist the youth in transitioning smoothly into their community.



Tracker Program

The Harris County Youth Advocates Tracker Program is a detention release alternative, providing daily contact with the young person for up to thirty days of a docketed court date.


Second Chance Program

The Second Chance Program is a non-petitioned, review by prosecutor diversion program. 

Appropriate candidates are identified and referred to the program by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and require the young person to attend the Juvenile Consequences Workshop and pay restitution, if appropriate.


Juvenile Consequences Workshop

The Juvenile Consequences Workshop is a collaboration of the Houston Bar Association, Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the Houston Police Department, and HCJPD. 

It is a one-time requirement for the Second Chance Program and offers speakers from each of the collaborative agencies presenting information on the potential impact of becoming further involved in the Juvenile Justice System and offering suggestions on lessening opportunities to do so.


Juvenile Law 101 Workshop

Juvenile Law 101 is a workshop offered to youth and families of first-time offenders, who are scheduled to appear before one of the Harris County Juvenile District Courts. 

The goal of the program is to provide information to help prepare them for their first court appearance and give them an opportunity to ask questions to help them better navigate the Harris County Juvenile Justice System.


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